The Rest and the West: Ripoff or Resourceful Creativity, 7-8 October 2017

Organized by Prof Dina Iordanova along with postgraduate students, this two day conference explored various aspects of the transnational flows in transcultural film remakes, matters of cultural appropriation and other relevant interpretative frameworks, a project in part inspired by German-Turkish diasporic film director Cem Kaya’s film REMAKE, REMIX, RIP-OFF : ABOUT COPYCULTURE AND TURKISH POPULAR CINEMA(2016). The first day of the conference saw a screening of the film and discussion with Kaya, whereas the second day integrated a number of presentation and discussion items from participants, many of who were present in person, whilst some tuned in by pre-recorded videos.

Speakers included a mixture of international scholars, St Andrews academics and doctoral students, such as Prof. Ahmet Gurata (Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey), Prof. Chris Berry (King’s College, London, UK), Prof. Savas Arslan (Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey),Prof dimitris Elefteriotis (Glasgow University, UK),Dr Iain Robert Smith (King’s College, London, UK), Prof. Melis Behll (Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey), Natthanai Prasannam (Thailand, PhD student), Darae Kim (South Korea, PhD student), Shruti Narayanswami (India, PhD student), Souraj Dutta (India, PhD student), Dr Anuja Jain (St Andrews, Film Studies), Dr. Dennis Hanlon (St Andrews, Film Studies), and others.

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