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Abbas Kiarostami @St Andrews (and In Media Res)

In February 2017 we held the very first of the workshops dedicated to recently deceased famous international film directors with an event dedicated to the memory of Iranian Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016), who had passed away prematurely the previous year. The workshop was opened in a moving tribute by Jean-Michel Frodon, who had been a close personal friend of the filmmaker. Then there were contributions by Sanghita Sen and Shorna Pal, as well as a screening of the director’s Cannes-winning feature film A TASTE OF CHERRY (1997), which we discussed.
Some of the work generated for the workshop was subsequently published online for IN MEDIA RES: A MEDIA COMMONS PROJECT on 24 April 2017. Five short essays dedicated to Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, by Dina Iordanova. Jean-Michel Frodon, Marco dalla Gassa (Ca’ Foscari, Venice), Sanghita Sen and Shorna Pal (St Andrews)